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Boston, MA

12 2010 10:00PM Club UnderBar


Special Guests from NYC...

DJ Producers:

join forces together to bring you the best of house music. Experience an unforgettable mix of the hottest NYC peak-hour Electro House from DJ Amadeus and Johnny Vicious.



Those of you who remember DJ Amadeus and Johnny Vicious prior appearances during this year can undoubtely attest - it's going to be a lot of fun!!! Hottest newest house beats pumped through the Underbars' audio system custom-built by Angel Moraes, pro-lights, strobs, video projection, dancers... plus you never know who you are going to meet down Under there...

DISCO BALLS productions is seriously committed in bringing you only the best names in the industry. This weekend we are happy to invite you to yet another night of quality NYC-style electronic music.

Our well-known guests - DJ/Producer AMADEUS and JOHNNY VICIOUS, who are the residents of some of the hottest NYC nightclubs, will be with us again on FRIDAY, spinning best pumpin' peak-hour filtered Electro House performing live at Underbar.

Please come EARLY, the club gets sold out by 11:30. Once the club reaches the capacity - no one will be able to get it. Please consider that if you don't wish to spend your evening partying outside the club.

Call for the Guest List Reduced admission and Table Reservations: (617) 816 - 6011 - Stan

Club Underbar (below Caprice) 275 Tremont Street, Boston MA, 02116

Doors Open: 10:00 PM - 2 AM
Age: 21 + Proper ID Required
Chic Dress Face Control Enforced
Guest List is open until 12:30 AM (comps until 12:01 AM)

Regular table: $350 minimum with 4 complimentary tickets
VIP table: $500 minimum with 5 complimentary tickets

Advanced reservations required as the number of tables is limited

Call or text-message in advance for DISCO BALLS Guest List and Table Reservations:

Mobile: (617) 816 - 6011 Stan (Slava)

Web: "http://www.myspace.com/megadiscoballs"

E-mail: slavick10@hotmail.com.

DISCO BALLS PRODUCTIONS / global Entertainment, Ltd



Whether he's wreaking havoc in the DJ booth or in the studio, Johnny Vicious has made an indelible mark on the world's dance floors and is regarded as a turntable phenomenon as well as an invincible producer and remixer. He is without question lauded internationally as one of dance music's brightest stars. The particular style that he has perfected over the years has propelled him into a class of his own.

Prior to achieving worldwide notoriety Johnny's roots date back to New Jersey where he was born and raised. As a child he initially favored Rock music but began toying with a pair of turntables and became instantly enamored with dance music's sinuous energy. The underground sounds coming from Chicago based labels such as DJ International and Traxx continued to fuel his burning passion for the music. "It's Funny" Johnny laughs while recollecting his progression "one minute I was into Motley Crue and the next I was listening to Tony Humphries’ mix show on Kiss-FM. I started DJ’ing in my friend's basement, and I didn't know what I was doing. It sounded like trains crashing" Johnny's mixing skills quickly improved and in 1989 earned a slot spinning at Manhattan’s famed Palladium nightclub; his first Big Apple show DJing with the Legend Larry Levan live on Hot 97. From then on he never looked back.

Appearances at the most legendary clubs in N.Y.C. like Red Zone, Palladium, and Sound Factory followed and Johnny parlayed these gigs into a residency at the world renowned Roxy declaring that Johnny Vicious had finally arrived front and center.

Soon after, Johnny collaborated with Sound Factory Bar’s Jeffery Rodman and created Vicious Muzik. They both paved the way for Johnny's seminal Liquid Bass EP, showcasing his m諡nge of beats and samples that established him as one of the most promising rising artists in dance music and put him on the map worldwide.
Phone calls and Faxes are rolling in for him to play at the worlds best clubs from Europe to Japan and Down under in Sydney vicious was unstoppable.

Johnny Vicious has been one to simply let his music do the talking, but if he were adamant about one thing it would be his forward-looking vision of dance music, which rails against stagnation and thrives on pushing the envelope. His relentless production touch has been felt by pop notables such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield, Shakira, Britany Spears, Michael Jackson, Akon, 36 Mafia, Justin Timberlake, Kat Deluna, The Veronica's, The Ting Tings, Ashlee Tisdale,Veronica,Byron Stingley, Lula, Brain Bug, IIo, React, Duncan Sheik, Chicane, Amber, Filter, Simply Red, Aretha Franklin, Deborah Cox, Jimmy Sommerville and Kristine W. as well as underground legends such as Candido, First Choice, Loleatta Holloway, Karen Finley and Shades of Love.

His unique combination of house, trance and eclectic vocals provided a recipe for success producing chart-topping hits such as "Ecstasy" Featuring Lula, and "Moments" Featuring Myndy K.This contributed to him securing his own mix show on New York City’s biggest radio dance station W.K.T.U. where he was heard breaking his newest remix and productions on Saturday Nights.That soon Led him to residency's at Sound Factory,Tunnel,Exit from which he started one of the most successful parties in NYC on friday nights... "Sexy At The Roxy" with local star promoters A-luv and Bobby Goodrich.

As if his schedule wasn't busy enough. He opened up a record label simply named VISH Records for the more commercial sounds and Warehouse records. The labels include his own productions and also the sounds of Masi and Mello "Bang-04" and DJ Exacta’s LXC "Like You", the VISH label also highlights further productions from unreleased material and fresh new sounds.

Johnny was also a big part of the Ultra Records family where he mixed four of Ultra's top selling CD's Ultra Dance 01, 03, Ultra Trance 03, Ministry of sounds "Club Nation", and “Clubbers Guide”.
selling over a million CD's Aside from the Ultra releases the first installment of the “Deeper And Harder" compilations was also released on Dee Vee.Recently Johnny has released CD's on Thrive records which consisted of mainly a lot of commercial tracks and classics along with an Electro Cd .

He is now working on his new label. "Warehouse" which will consist of new artists,underground tracks, and a line of CD compilations. Johnny confirms, "The Compilations will consist of current club hits and underground tracks.The way dance CD''s are supposed to be, more like what I love to play in a club or I have remixed. Not what a record executives idea of dance music is.You know the kind that never goes out past 10 pm and sits behind a desk all day reading and relying on pop and dance charts. Other than people sharing mp3's I'm positive that is why the compilation market went to SHIT!! No one was listening they were just reading. I know knowledge is wealth, but in the music market those funny looking things on the side of your head with the holes in them do the reading."

Currently he has a residency in Providence Rhode Island "Warehouse Wednesdays" ,his new brand name. It is growing weekly and making a big buzz along the United States east coast.
Johnny says "There will be many guest DJ's. It is a family vibe, everyone knows each other and the new clubbers that come in each week are there because they have been invited,not from a flyer found in a mall or on the street in front of a club.We are adding promoters that love house music and not to just get people through the door like cattle. It's a free party now, but when we start charging the core group of people that have come every week from the start will never pay at any of my warehouse parties around the world with their membership card."

"While I'm doing major-label mixes, I still want to keep myself in the underground." affirms Johnny. "As a DJ, I always want to hear new records, and as a producer, I always want to make new sounds. I don't want to get away from this music. Dance music will always be around, and I'll always be a part of it."

Johnny Vicious Current Remixes:

1. Madonna "Miles Away" Maverick/ Warner Records
2. Beyonce "Ego" Sony/ Columbia Records
3. Ashley Tisdale "Alright Ok" Warner Records
4. The Veronica's "Take Me On The Floor" Warner Records
5. White Tie Affair "Candle" Sony/ Epic Records
6. Andrea Carnell "Not The One Curvy Records
7. O'neal Mcknight "Time" SRC Records
8. Kristine W. "Never" Fly Again records
9. BOA "Eat You Up" Sm Entertainment
10. Alyson "Adios Barcelona" PM Media
11. Jennifer Hudson "Spotlight" Arista Records
12. Natasha Bedingfield "Pocket Full Of Sunshine" Sony/Epic
13. Michael Jackson feat. Akon "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" Sony/Legend
14 The Ting Tings "Shut Up And Let Me Go" Columbia U.K.
15. kat Deluna "Run The Show" Sony/Epic
16. kat Deluna "Whine Up" Sony/Epic

For a detailed Discography visit: "http://www.discogs.com/artist/Johnny" Vicious


DJ Amadeus is one of the fastest growing names on the international DJ and production circuit. It is through a combination of hard work, perseverance, skill and the adulation of his fans that Amadeus is creating the classic American tale and storming up the world DJ chart.
DJ Amadeus was born with a proclivity towards music as his parents were top singers in their native Ukraine. It was growing up in this former Soviet republic where Amadeus first gained exposure to music. He studied piano from age 5 and was enrolled in the countrys top music school. However, it was his familys 1979 move to Brooklyn, New York that introduced Amadeus to the music that would be his true calling House Music.
For any fan of house and electronic music, growing up in 1990s New York was a true blessing. The club scene was blossoming and the music was pumping. Top names like Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Sasha and John Digweed, Johnny Vicious, Jonathan Peters; and clubs like Tunnel, Limelight, Webster Hall, Ohm, Sound Factory and Exit proved to be hugely influential for a young DJ Amadeus. He began hanging around the clubs and took in as much information about what DJing was all about. He learned that it wasnt merely flawlessly mixing records back to back. Instead, there was a showmanship and a relationship to the crowd that really made a good DJ.
After years of observation and practice, Amadeus became a local hero in Brooklyn where he would often spin 5 times in one week and sometimes twice in one night. At an astonishing pace, DJ Amadeus climbed the ranks amongst New York's elite. In 1998, DJ Amadeus became the resident DJ at Tunnel. "Detour Saturdays" was the biggest Saturday party in the largest night club in New York City and that time.
The key to Amadeus success is his policy to play only the music of his choice. While many local DJs cater to a clubs clientele, Amadeus will only play the freshest house music to his devoted following. Whether he played to a local crowd in Brooklyn or a massive club in Manhattan his sets were never compromised its simply great house music from start to finish.
While Amadeus was becoming a top name in his native New York, it wasnt until he started releasing his own productions that he went global. With a degree in Audio/Studio Engineering and Producing from the Institute of Audio Research, DJ Amadeus is one of the few artists who entirely produce their own material. His professional studio is centered on an Apple G5 Computer, Logic Pro 7.0 and numerous synthesizers, effects and plug-ins. With a real sense of the vintage house sound, he also employs several pieces of analog gear including the Roland TR 909, Nord Lead 2, Virus C and a Mackie 24/8 analog mixing board.
Amadeus has used his skills and understanding of music production to create some of the most anthemic house tracks of the last decade. His debut track The Arrival was released in 2000 on Jonathan Peters Deeper Records NYC and went on to be one of the highlights of Peters own marathon sets at The Sound Factory. In fact, the track was so memorable that Peters often looped the tracks for 40 minutes. The follow-up track, Lets Bounce (Flash Traxx Records), became the biggest track at New Yorks Club Exit and DJ Tony Draper and Amadeus where known for playing this out every Friday before a crowd upwards of 5,000 People.
Logically, with Amadeus now producing global clubs hits, the global clubs now began calling for bookings. Amadeus went from DJing in Brooklyn and New York to hitting top clubs in the U.S., and Canada - with such exotic house music scene cities as Montreal (where he is amongst the citys most popular DJs), Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kiev and Moscow. As proof of his global popularity, Amadeus has been a steady riser on DJ Mags prestigious annual Top 100 DJ List.
Amadeus has used his growing fame to showcase his newest tracks around the world. His most recent original productions Computer Virus, Nature Of Sound, Secret Weapon and Activate (HMSPmusic) became global hits and presages what is sure to be a massive 2007 for Amadeus. Already in the pipeline are a several new productions and planned tours of Asia, Spain, North and South Americas, Canada, Ukraine and Russia.

For more information visit DJ Amadeus website at www.myspace.com/djamadeus
: slavick10@hotmail.com / (617) 816-6011
: 275 Tremont Street (below Caprice), Boston, MA 02116
Club UnderBar
(below Caprice)
275 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116

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MEGA Disco Balls Productions ( ) 10:08AM, 24 Aug
The DJ is Russian himself and lots Russians come to listen to him. It does not have to be 100% Russian crowd... we live in America afterall...

Visitor ( ) 03:09PM, 20 Aug
When you say Russian Night, you mean he will play Russian music? I have been to almost all of his parties and not once he played Russian music. I dont think it should be called Russian Night when there is no russian music at all.

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The new flyer is coming. Please be patient. It will be worth it...

Disco Balls Productions

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I did not see him in UK's DJ MAG for top 100 djs in the world.He is not event listed over 100. Its a BS and self advertising. I just dont understand why people are bull shiting

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A na schet Pushkina, to hochu skazat' chto bila kogda on priezhal paru nedel' nazad. Da, ochen' horoshiy dj, no ne luchshe Amadeusa.

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