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Apr 23 / 11:59
San Francisco
Vakhtangov Theatre in HD: EUGENE ONEGIN
Apr 26 / 19:30
Absinthe: April 26, May 10 & 17
Apr 29 / 20:00
Vakhtangov Theatre in HD: EUGENE ONEGIN
Apr 30 / 17:00
“Два клёна” – спектакль для детей с 4 лет по одноимённой пьесе Евгения Шварца.
May 07 / 11:59
San Francisco
May 07 / 18:00
May 07 / 20:00
Potap and Nasty.
May 12 / 19:30
Записки покойника (Театральный Роман)
May 12 / 19:30
У нас в гостях - Игорь Иртеньев!
May 13 / 14:00
Записки покойника (Театральный Роман)
May 13 / 18:00
West Hollywood
Татьяна, Сергей и Александр Никитины "Большой секрет"
May 13 / 19:00
Записки покойника (Театральный Роман)
May 13 / 19:30
Странная миссис Сэвидж / The Curious Savage
May 13 / 20:00
ШТАР в Балтиморе. Mother's Day
May 14 / 14:00
Записки покойника (Театральный Роман)
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Спектакль в кино: "Анна КАРЕНИНА"

San Francisco, CA

26 марта 2017 года в 11:59AM 4-Star Theatre

Directed and choreographed by Angelica Cholina, this internationally award winning Vakhtangov Theatre production of ANNA KARENINA is a choreographed interpretation of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel.
Cholina strives to find the equivalent of Tolstoy's words in harmony and movement, with every gesture holding meaning. The music of Alfred Schnittke helps to reveal the characters and their depth, together with elegance and mood corresponding to the amplitude of the novel. A crowd favorite in Moscow which plays to sold-out houses month after month, this meticulously detailed and gorgeous ANNA KARENINA is an example of the new Russian theater scene, fearlessly focusing on the visceral, allowing audience members to form their own interpretations.
Winner of the "Villanueva Award", Best Foreign Performance, International Havana Theatre Festival; Winner "Crystal Turandot", Best Debut Performance, Olga Lerman.Without dialogue or subtitles.
Director-choreographer: Angelica Cholina
Set-designer: Marius Jacovskis
Make-up and costumes: Yuozas Statkevichus
Lighting designer: Tadas Valeyka
Rated NR This film is subtitled Genre: Dance, Literary Adaptation
Runtime: 165 min
Language: Russian
Director: Angelica Cholina
Alexey Karenin: Evgeny Knyazev , Alexey Vronsky: Dmitry Solomykin , Anna Karenina: Olga Lerman , Darya Oblonskaya (Dolly): Maria Volkova , Ekaterina Sherbazkaya (Kiti): Ekaterina Kramzina , Konstantin Levin: Fedor Vorontsov, Stepan Oblonsky (Stiva): Valery Ushakov

Tickets: "http://www.ticketsr.com/index.php?op=event&id=1856&pages=2&lang=english"

Контакт: 8183772101
Адрес: 2200 Clement St
Как добраться:
2200 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

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Betsey ( ) 01:48AM, 26 Dec
ce pot sa-ti spun este o metoda benefica si foarte eficienta am testato si eu mam simtit mult mai linistita si relaxata ati mu.stmeuclnu stiu ce sa mai fac la ce resurse sa mai apelez sa scap de emotile negative ma distrug nu-mi dau voie sa fiu eu …

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