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Apr 09 / 19:40
Palo Alto
Комедия театра ШАЛОМ «Семь раз отмерь» в Пало-Алто
Apr 10 / 19:40
San Francisco
Комедия театра ШАЛОМ «Семь раз отмерь» в Сан-Франциско
Apr 11 / 19:40
Los Angeles
Комедия театра ШАЛОМ «Семь раз отмерь» в Лос-Анджелесе
Apr 12 / 11:00
Группировка ЛЕНИНГРАД 12 апреля на фестивале Coachella
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Apr 21 / 19:30
San Francisco
Максим Аверин «НАУЧИ МЕНЯ ЖИТЬ»
Apr 23 / 19:30
Palo Alto
Максим Аверин «НАУЧИ МЕНЯ ЖИТЬ»
Apr 25 / 14:00
San Francisco
Музыкальная сказка «ЗОЛУШКА» в San Francisco
Apr 26 / 18:00
Beverly Hills
Музыкальная сказка «ЗОЛУШКА» в Beverly Hills
May 08 / 20:00
Los Angeles
COMEDY WOMAN 2020 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Balalaika Orchestra in Concert

Los Angeles, CA

29 февраля 2020 года в 7:00PM Zipper Hall, The Colburn School of Performing Arts

Music has the power to trigger in each of us, complex emotions: joy, fear, agitation, tranquility. It can also evoke memories in a way few experiences can. Music can be a like a time machine, transporting us decades, instantly, upon hearing the popular music of our youth.

This spring, return with us to a time before texting and e-mail, to a time of simpler pleasures: friends and family and music as warm and comforting as a visit home. Los Angeles' own Balalaika Orchestra presents its 25rd annual concert featuring melodies guaranteed to set you on a journey through your past. Your journey will be conducted with the help of some remarkable guest soloists including soprano, Anna Belaya and baritone Vladimir Chernov. They will be joined onstage by high-flying dancers and instrumental masters of the domra and balalaika. With our world famous folk instrument orchestra providing a shimmering musical landscape behind these artists, during the concert you may hear another sound, that of your heartstrings.

Buy tickets online: "http://www.balalaikala.com/StartShopping.aspx"
Контакт: fridman_a@yahoo.com


Zipper Hall, The Colburn School of Performing Arts

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