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Apr 22 / 19:00
Театр Вахтангова в HD: Дядя Ваня
Apr 28 / 19:00
РУКИ ВВЕРХ в Бостоне!
Apr 29 / 17:00
“Два клёна” – спектакль для детей с 4 лет по одноимённой пьесе Евгения Шварца.
Apr 29 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Концерт Валерия МЕЛАДЗЕ
May 04 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Татьяна Васильева и Станислав Садальский "Голая правда"
May 05 / 17:00
О котах и кошках
May 05 / 22:00
Руки Вверх- 20 лет Юбилейный концерт
May 06 / 18:00
О котах и кошках
May 12 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Концерт группы "КВАТРО"
May 12 / 19:30
May 12 / 19:30
May 13 / 11:59
Stanislavsky ElectroTheatre in HD: DRILLALIANS
May 18 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Национальный балет Украины: "Спящая Красавица"
May 19 / 19:00
Национальный балет Украины: "Дон Кихот"
May 21 / 20:00
West Hollywood
Диана АРБЕНИНА и «Ночные Снайперы. 25 лет»
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Концерт Андреа Бочелли

San Diego, CA

21 июня 2018 года в 7:30PM Valley View Casino Center

World-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli has completely redefined the genre of classical vocal music, having played a key role in bridging the gap between the highbrow listeners and the mainstream. Bocelli's music has not only appealed to people across different social strata, but across generations and cultures. Bocelli has sung in French, Spanish, English and German besides his native Italian and has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide. Since 2006, he holds the title of Grande Ufficiale OMRI (Order of Merit of the Republic or Grande Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblice Italiana) and has been recognized for his talents in numerous prestigious places. Bocelli has recorded over twenty pop and classical albums in addition to seven complete operas. Romanza and Sogno are among his best known albums.

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